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BSK Marketing hosts Stokvel Academy session in Soweto

BSK Marketing held a Stokvel Academy session in Rockville, Soweto on 20 October. Stokvel Academy offers and organises various educational programmes aimed at uplifting stokvel members. Sponsored by Builders Superstore, it was attended by 80 stokvel members from in and around Soweto. The discussion of the day was on what stokvel members could do to increase property value.

BSK Marketing CEO Busi Skenjana reminded the stokvel members that they needed to acquire knowledge that they could use to better their lives and those of their children. “Stokvels should be more than for saving for burials or grocery money. They should be about sharing information that will help change the lives of stokvel members and their families. The Stokvel Academy is all about getting experts to share information with stokvel members to help them think differently and start taking small steps that will bring about positive change in their lives,” she said.

Phumi Khumalo, branch manager of Builders Superstore in Protea Glen, shared information with the stokvel members about the services the store offers. She also said the store was open to initiatives from stokvels about any needs that would make home improvements or renovations easier for them. “Building or renovating is very important to help increase the value of one’s property. People do not have to take on big projects all at once, but small, manageable projects – such as deciding to paint one’s house at the end of the year – is a positive step in the right direction,” she said.
During the interactive session stokvel members asked questions, made suggestions and shared the issues they encounter when they try to save to buy building materials. They also had suggestions on how the store could help stokvels to save more effectively for renovations.

Real People company spoke about how to make good use of home finance and education. Solly Molefe, of the housing education company Setsmol, discussed the importance of managing one’s finances properly in order to maintain a good credit record. He also told stokvel members about the importance of making a will and how, as a collective voice, they could obtain good deals from different companies. And Nancy from DIY Divas showed the ladies how to tackle home improvement themselves. After the productive and informative session the ladies were treated to a scrumptious lunch and went home with goodie bags.
“Stokvel academy sessions is a fulfilment of BSK Marketing’s goal to unlock strategic markets for both stokvels and corporates. Such platforms allows corporates to experience and hear the needs of stokvel members first-hand, from the stokvel members themselves. At the same time, stokvels get to learn new things to help make a difference in their lives. It is a two-way street,” says Skenjana.
BSK Marketing is a brand-activation specialist company that unlocks the potential within the stokvel market for corporate organisations and also stokvels. The company “cuts” key campaigns to open the stokvel market.

“We have many avenues for companies to gain access to the world of stokvels – the Stokvel Network Forum, Stokvel Academy, Stokvel Voice, or Door-to-Door campaigns. Each of these is a “key” to activating long-lasting, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships between corporates and stokvels. BSK Marketing believes in education, empowerment and enlightenment. The better educated and more empowered stokvel members are, the better will they appreciate and use your brand and value proposition,” Skenjana says.

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