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BSK Marketing talks home improvement and building to stokvels in Evaton

Stokvels around Evaton in the Vaal attended a Stokvel Network Forum on 19 September hosted by BSK Marketing. The event was sponsored by Builders Superstore and took place at Evergold Shopping Centre. About 300 stokvel members attended and the main topic for the day was building and home improvements.

Stokvel members were invited into the Builders Superstore and educated about the store’s range of products. They were advised on how to tackle building and home improvement projects and avoid problems that can arise. The stokvel members discussed their own building and home improvement needs and wanted to know how they could save on building improvements.
The forum was an open dialogue, with the stokvel members sharing their individual needs as well as the needs of stokvel club regarding building and home improvement. The ladies were also treated to a Do-It-Yourself segment and demonstration on how to fix a few things around the house and make their own artwork.

Phumi Khumalo, branch manager of Builders Superstore in Protea Glen, shared information with the stokvel members about the services the store offers. She also said the store was open to initiatives from stokvels about any needs that would make home improvements or renovations easier for them. “Building or renovating is very important to help increase the value of one’s property. People do not have to take on big projects all at once, but small, manageable projects – such as deciding to paint one’s house at the end of the year – is a positive step in the right direction,” she said.
During the interactive session stokvel members asked questions, made suggestions and shared the issues they encounter when they try to save to buy building materials. They also had suggestions on how the store could help stokvels to save more effectively for renovations.

To round out the event, various community leaders shared tips on how to build their community on solid foundations for a bright future in and around Evaton.
BSK CEO Busi Skenjana reminded stokvel members about the importance of saving together as a stokvel to fund building projects in order to create assets for themselves. “Saving together for building or home improvement projects as a stokvel helps with accountability. You have to do what you set out to do because you have members who will ask if you managed to finish your building project. But more importantly, do not be afraid to ask at a store if you are not sure about something such as building plans, to save yourself from wasting your hard-earned money,” she said.

The lucky attendees also won prizes, and were treated to a scrumptious lunch as well as a performance of industrial theatre. At the end of the day stokvel members felt empowered by practical information on managing building projects. They went home with a goodie bag each – after having learnt how to save for building and home improvements, how to avoid stress during the building process and to strengthen unity within their stokvels.

“BSK Marketing is also about building strong communities through strategic partnerships with both stokvels and corporates. Brand-sponsored Stokvel Network Forums give marketers an opportunity to explore the stokvel market in an interactive manner. It is also one of the keys to brand support and vital to unlocking the stokvel market," Skenjana added.

Stokvel Network Forums use an eventing environment where multiple stokvels can simultaneously interact with brands. BSK Marketing is at the forefront of creating additional and innovative ways to engage with stokvels.

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