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BSK Marketing holds Stokvel Expo at Pick n Pay

BSK Marketing hosted a Stokvel Expo at Pick n Pay at Maponya Mall in Soweto 28 November. Close to 300 stokvel members from Soweto and Orange Farm attended the event. The theme, Your Stokvel Rand Extension, captured the spirit of the bulk-buying season, helping stokvels to make their hard-earned cash go the extra mile.

The event was a packed with information covering different topics affecting stokvels and with tips to help them get the greatest benefit from the services offered by different companies. Pick n Pay’s Maponya Mall store manager, Moses Lushaba, spoke about the benefits the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card holds for stokvels. He also discussed other benefits Pick n Pay offered in general to stokvels and about what makes the store unique. Stokvel members were given the opportunity to ask questions and have all their concerns attended to.

Andile Fulane, from the Stokvel Academy, spoke about money matters and how stokvels can make small financial changes that would benefit them in the long run. Stokvel members were also given security and safety tips and reminded to be vigilant during the festive season. Various suppliers had stalls and also addressed the stokvel attendees, sharing information about their products and services benefits, and promoting their stokvel-targeted campaigns. BSK Marketing did activations at the expo on behalf of their client Nedbank.
BSK Marketing CEO Busi Skenjana was pleased with how beneficial the event was, which did not focus only on brand exposure, but also provided stokvels with practical tips to help them run their stokvels more effectively and make better-informed decisions.
“Stokvels need to explore all retail channels that can help them to extend their hard-earned Rand. We do not only put together events for brand exposure, but we make sure we invite experts who can give stokvels information about managing their money,” said Skenjana.

Skenjana said BSK Marketing was unique in terms of creating new ways for brands to engage with stokvels, ways that were both innovative and educational. The company "cuts" new keys to open the stokvel market through innovative campaigns. BSK Marketing finds new ways to package your brand and value proposition to usher your company into the world of stokvels. It does so by using “keys” such as the Stokvel Network Forum, Stokvel Academy, Stokvel Voice, or Door-to-Door campaigns. Each of these keys can activate long-lasting, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships between brands and stokvels.
“At BSK Marketing we believe in education, empowerment and enlightenment. The better educated and more empowered stokvel members are, the better they will appreciate and utilise your brand and value proposition," says Skenjana.

The expo was a big success. Stokvel members were treated to lunch, won exciting prizes and took home bulging goodie bags. They left the event empowered with information that will help them to make better buying and investment decisions and grow their stokvels to the next level.

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